Schedule and Results



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Silver: Paratriathlon World Championships (September)

Omaha Women's Triathlon Guest Appearance

GOLD: World Paratriathlon Yokohama (13th May)

GOLD: World Paratriathlon Gold Coast (8th April)

GOLD: CAM Tri Championships (11th March)



GOLD: Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games Triathlon (11th September)

6th: Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games Track 200m (13th September)

1st: USA Paratriathlon National Championships Relay (14th August)

GOLD: Paratriathlon World Championships Rotterdam, Netherlands (23rd July)

GOLD 100m and 200m: Paralympic Track and Field National Championships (29th June- 3rd July)

GOLD: World Paratriathlon Yokohama, Japan (14th May)

GOLD: CanAm Championships Sarasota, Florida (13th March)



GOLD: Paratriathlon World Championships Chicago, USA (15th September)

GOLD: World Paratriathlon Edmonton, Canada (5th September)

Silver: World Paratriathlon Detroit, USA (16th August)

Para PanAmerican Games Toronto, Canada (7th-15th August)

Silver: World Paratriathlon Besacon, France (7th June)

Bronze: World Paratriathlon London, UK (30th of May)

Bronze: CanAm Championships Monterrey, Mexico (1st May)



GOLD: USA Paratriathlon National Championships Tempe, USA (20th September)

4th: Paratriathlon World Championships Edmonton, Canada (29th August)

GOLD: World Paratriathlon Event Magog, Canada (19th July)

GOLD: World Paratriathlon Event Chicago, USA (28th June)

GOLD: PanAmerican Championships Dallas, USA (1st May)

Silver: World Paratriathlon Yokohama, Japan (17th May)



Silver: Paratriathlon World Championships Auckland, New Zealand (20th October)

Silver: ITU Paratriathlon World Cup Edmonton, Canada (6th June)