Allysa grew up in Glendale, Arizona with two brothers and a sister. She was always an active kid. Taking part in many activities through out her childhood.


In September of 2008 Allysa raced her first triathlon as apart of a group that raises money for cancer research. She quickly fell in love with the sport. Allysa joined the ASU triathlon team and jotted down a list of races to do in the fall, but life had a different plan.


A few short weeks after her first race Allysa began to lose feeling in her legs. Over the the coming weeks a slew of debilitating neurological symptoms set in. This marked the beginning of nearly two years of doctors, specialists and hospital stays.


In 2010, almost two full years later, Allysa was diagnosed with Chiari 2 Malformation, Basilar Invagination and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The delay in diagnosis and treatment resulted in a traumatic brain injury and an incomplete spinal cord injury at 20 years old.


In August of 2010 Allysa was taken back for brain and spine surgery. Shortly after what would seem like devastating news was passed along. It wasn’t likely she would walk without assistance again. Allysa's determination and stuborness served her well as she dreamed of not only walking again, but running and competing again.


Allysa set her sights on competing with the Sun Devils at Collegiate National Championships. After months and months of intense inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation where she was frequently reminded of her limitations Allysa began running again.

With hard work and dedication Allysa made her dream come true as she crossed the finish line of Collegiate National Championships in April of 2011 as the first ever athlete with a physical disability to do so.


In August of 2013 the lasting effects of the neurological injury became harder and harder to battle and her left leg below the knee had to be amputated. In true Allysa fashion she was not down for long. Seven weeks after amputation she swam 1.2miles as part of a relay team for a local half ironman event, three months after the loss she ran a 5k and a few months after that she crossed the line of her first triathlon as an amputee.


Since that time Allysa has competed all around the world. In 2016 she realized another dream as she became the first Paralympic Gold Medalist in Triathlon.


Some of Allysa's career highlights include being a 2x World Championship, 3x Pan American Champions, 15 World Cup Medals to her name, and undefeated run that has lasted since August of 2015.